Lefferts Junior High School Brooklyn, NY

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Principals of Lefferts JHS/IS61/Atwell MS61  from 1958-2021. To learn more about them, click here

Mr.L. Bernstein 1957-1964 ,Mr. Isidore Karbel 1964-1972 , Mr. Isidore Karbel 1964-1972 , Dr. William Moody 1972-1976
Dr Gladstone Atwell 1976-1983, Dr Marvin Barksdale 1983-1995, Mr. Sam Penceal   1995- 1999
Ms. Rhonda Taylor 1999-2008, Ms. Sandra Taylor 2008-2013, Mr. Shannon Burton 2013-2016
Ms. Dewana Daids 2016-

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